This software also includes fundamentals of each subject plus exercises and solutions to form an excellent introduction. The test exercises incorporate numerous circuit diagrams. Also included are technical books on the subject. Some of these have already been translated into English

  • Technical Drawings: Fundamentals *
  • Graphic Symbols DIN ISO 1219 *
  • Introduction: Fluid Technology
  • Pneumatics: Basics and Application
  • Pneumatics: Exercises and Solutions
  • Electropneumatics: Exercises and Solutions
  • Pneumatic Control: Exercises and Solutions
  • Electropneumatic Control: Exercises and Solutions
  • Hydraulic Control: Exercises and Solutions
  • Mechatronic: Systems and Functions *
  • Introduction Grafcet: Exercises and Solutions
  • The fundamentals of electro-technics *
  • Electrical drives *
  • Programmable logic controls *

* Available in English