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Omegon Fluid Technology OFT2 – Pneumatics and Hydraulics – Simulation and CAD!

OFT2 – The software

OFT2 is a newly developed software for drawing and simulating Pneumatic, Hydraulic and Grafcet Circuit Diagrams by using one and the same program. It is also possible to draw Electric and Logic Circuit Diagrams.

OFT2 has a user-friendly interface. An extensive symbol library with currently 461 symbols is offered. In addition, this symbol library can be easily extended by self-drawn symbols.

OFT2 runs under Windows® 2000 as from SP4, Windows® XP, Windows® Vista or Windows® 7.

Here you can get more information regarding all properties offered by OFT2.


OFT2 – Didactics

OFT2 offers within the program a series of technical books and exercise books with solutions on topics such as Basics of Technical Drawing, Pneumatics, Electro-pneumatics, Hydraulics, Electro-hydraulics, Mechatronics and Grafcet. Some of the exercises are based on the requirements of BIBB (German Federal Institute for Vocational Training). We also offer the integration of other languages, as well as documentations needed for specific training schedules.


OFT2 – Versions and Prices

Choose your OFT2 Version in order to meet your own requirements! A pupil’s version is offered for only 50 Euros, not including sales tax!


OFT2 – Download Demo Version – new: Version

In order to find out more we suggest that you donwload our Demo Version. This Demo Version can be tested without any obligations. On request  we can also offer to send you a license for a Full Version for a limited period of time.


OFT2 – Contact and Order

Please contact us if you wish to place an order or if you would like us to make you an individual offer:
Telephone: +49 (0) 151 212 90436
via our Contact Form!

Enjoy the application of our OFT2!